Buying on the Costa Blanca

With Immo Linea Spain of course!

The Costa Blanca can be divided into north and south. The south is characterised by a flatter landscape and vast, beautiful sandy beaches.   However, the name Costa Blanca does not come from the white beaches, but from the numerous almond trees (with white flowers) that characterised the region especially in the past.  Today, you will find fewer of these trees, but not to worry. There is still more than enough to see! 

The region is primarily known for its excellent climate, which is characterised by its stability. In the winter, it is wonderfully mild and in the summer it does not get too hot. Not surprisingly, the region welcomes visitors from all over the world all year round. In summer, people come to enjoy the beach and the sea; in winter, the temperature is ideal for sports. Evidence of the latter are the many golf courses that can be found here.

Partly because of its well-visited character, you will find every imaginable amenity in the region. The possibilities for good food, extensive shopping, culture or entertainment for the young are numerous.

The Costa Blanca is therefore a lively region that has kept its Spanish character well throughout the years. The largest city in the Costa Blanca South is undoubtedly Torrevieja, where you can find just about everything. A long coastline, nice restaurants, trendy shops, but also museums and historic buildings dating back to the Moorish occupation in the 14th century.