LINEA Buying in Spain operates mainly in the Alicante and Murcia region. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the sights of Alicante: a beautiful city on the east coast of Spain.

What does Alicante have to offer tourists and locals alike? Whether you are interested in history, culture, architecture or just want to enjoy the beach and the sun, Alicante has something for everyone. Below are some of the most popular sights in Alicante... Let's go.

Castle of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Castle is probably Alicante's most iconic attraction. Towering high above the city, this castle offers stunning views of Alicante and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. The castle dates back to the 9th century, but has been regularly renovated and expanded over the centuries. Today, the castle is a museum that offers visitors an insight into Alicante's history.

Explanada de España
The Explanada de España is an iconic promenade along Alicante's beach. Paved with mosaic tiles in different colours, this promenade runs along the marina and Paseo del Puerto to Postiguet beach. It is the perfect place to enjoy a walk along the sea, watch the sunset and relax on one of the many terraces overlooking the Mediterranean.

Basilica of Santa Maria
The Basilica of Santa Maria is a beautiful church in the heart of Alicante's Old Town. This church dates from the 14th century and is built in Gothic style. The church has a beautiful altarpiece and an impressive bell tower. Visitors can also visit the church's museum, where religious artworks and relics are on display.

Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ)
The Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) is a modern museum that takes visitors on a journey through the region's history. The museum has exhibitions on prehistory, Roman times, the Middle Ages and Alicante's modern history. The museum uses interactive exhibits and multimedia to give visitors a better understanding of Alicante's history.

Mercado Central
The Mercado Central is an indoor market in the heart of Alicante. One of the largest and oldest covered markets in Europe, this market offers an abundance of local produce and specialities, including fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and other local delicacies. It is a great place to shop and enjoy local cuisine.

These are just some of Alicante's many attractions. In the typical Spanish villages, you can visit small, local markets throughout the week that immerse you in the local atmosphere.