Benefit from added value with luxury holiday rentals

Maximum ROI with luxury rentals

Have you bought property in Spain in the past? Or are you interested in buying? Currently the need for winter accommodation is growing significantly, as a homeowner in Spain you can now take even better advantage of holiday rentals throughout the year.

Maximum ROI with luxury rentals

Together with KUMA Holiday Spaces as our strategic rental partner, we have embarked on a sustainable rental strategy focused on the luxury segment. This way, we catch the growing demand from tenants in Spain, even in winter. Think of golf fanatics and other winter visitors who like to stay in your property. With our network of tenants, you can enjoy your investment carefree throughout the year while benefiting from maximum rental income within all seasons.

Strategic partnership Linea & KUMA Holiday Spaces

This partnership was created to completely unburden homeowners in Spain within property management and provide the opportunity for a favourable return on investment. Moreover, the demand for rental accommodation within the luxury segment is growing, tourists are looking for unique locations to stay. Unique locations, but also unique experiences.

Benefit from added value

Thanks to growing demand, a lot of value potential exists within your (future) holiday home. This is why we have developed a programme of additional services for tenants. Thus, in addition to rentals, we also provide activities such as golf packages, wellness treatments, spa activities and wine tastings. We have carefully selected Murcia's best local partners. With this programme, we share 50 per cent of our commission profit with you as a landlord.

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